A Brief History

A leisurely stroll along the streets of the borough leaves one with a sense of understanding of an old Perry Town, which has managed to survive the pas two hundred plus years. Located in the south central section of Perry County it is ever under the watchful eye of Mt. Dempsey, a tip of a mountain referred to as a Pilot mountain by the early traders.

One should know that in the early days there was a cabinet maker, an undertaker, a pottery plant, a newspaper, a brickyard, a jeweler and clock shop, tow tanneries, a town spring, two hotels, one located on Water Street and called the Bogar House and later called the Spread Eagle Hotel. and the Landisburg Hotel located at the corner of Main and Carlisle Streets and other businesses.

In the year 1820, when Perry was established as a county, Landisburg was chosen to be the temporary seat of justice until a permanent site could be selected. A building of log construction, located at the corner of Water and Carlisle Streets Was refitted to meet the requirements for a temporary courthouse. The courtroom would occupy the first floor while the commissioner's office and the county treasure would be on the second floor. The office of the Prothonotary was located in the front room of a brick building at the southwest corner of Carlisle Street and Scheaffer's Valley Road, also know as Route 233. The office of Registrar and Recorder was located in a stone dwelling on Water Street, while the office of the Sheriff was on the northwest corner of the square at the intersection of Main and George Street.

When the seat of justice was moved to Bloomfield in 1827. All the local lawyers, the only county newspaper, several merchants and town people made the same move. What a loss this must have been on the town!

A large tannery was located on Water Street and as of today there remains one building relative to this tannery, still in existence. It is used as a residence. The other tannery was located at the rear of the old courthouse and was owned by Allen Nesbit.

The town of Landisburg was incorporated in December 23, 1831 and became the second town within the confines ice, a lo Perry County to become a borough.

On December 3, 1833 the Landisburg Cemetery was deeded to the borough with the understanding that anyone regardless of race, color or religion could be buried within its confines. A remarkable rule considering the feelings of the people at that time. During the summer of 1891, The Perry County Railroad Extension Company built a railroad to extend from Bloomfield to Landisburg with an extension to Loysville. When this railroad became bankrupt, it was sold to the Newport and Shermans Valley Railroad Company, which proceeded to disband this section of railroad from Bloomfield.

Prior to 1922, Kerosene street lamps were used within the borough to light the way during the nighttime hours. A Gentlemen was hired to light these lamps at twilight and extinguish them around midnight. In 1922, poles were placed and wires strung and electric lights made their appearance within the borough limits. The electricity was obtained from a plant at Weaver's Mill on the Shermans Creek owned by Tressler's Orphan's Home. During the year 1939, Emery Rice, a local automobile dear purchase a used fire engine for which he paid $150.00, but it was not until 1949 that the Landisburg fire was organized and s school building was refitted for use as a fire station. Today a new building exits to house all of the fire company's equipment along with a modern dining room.

The Bank of Landisburg has provided service to the community for over 105 years

On April 21, 1953, The Landisburg Lions club purchased from Mark P. Henry and his wife, Ruth, a track of land in Tyrone Township adjacent to the borough line to serve as a memorial park. The following year the park was leased to the Landisburg Borough. In 1988, the park was annexed into the Borough for the purpose of obtaining a State Grant in the amount of $8,800.00 and $3,200.00 matching money by the Landisburg borough to build a Concession Stand, Dugouts, and storage shed. The Park was renamed the Mark Henry Memorial Park. 

A cable television system was installed about 12 years ago. In 1990 the Landisburg Municipal authority was incorporated by the borough and the sewer system was installed....

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